Game Music

I have been writing and producing music for around 16 years. Most of my work is electronic in style although I do play electric bass, keyboard and produce in various genres and hybrids.

My game music credits include Fairy Magic, Robot Warlords, Danger Mine and Safari Slides.

Before writing music for games I released music on a variety of international labels including some collaborative work with Boxcutter on the highly regarded underground electronic label Planet-Mu. I released music and performed in Europe & the US under the aliases Kab Driver, Filaria, Kinnego Flux as a duo act and Mal Funktion as a 6 piece funk band.

In 2011 I co-founded Reset Industries with music artists Defcon and Brian Greene. Reset released records, produced videos, hosted workshops and held a club night in Belfast with resident musician and producer Kaidi Tatham.

New YorkClub Night06
AmsterdamClub Night06
BerlinTransmediale Festival07
Belfast (SARC)Academic Showcase07
GenevaElectron Festival09
AugsburgClub Night09
BristolCharity Event09
BrightonClub Night08, 09
BrusselsV/A Club Nights07, 08, 09
GentV/A Club Nights06, 07, 08, 09
LyonLes Nuits Sonores Festival11
LyonHaste Club Night13
San DiegoCava Lounge Club Night14
BelfastReset (residency)11 - present
BBC Radio OneB. Traits
BBC Radio OneMary Anne Hobbs
BBC Radio OneRory McConnell
Spin FM DublinPeter Curtin (The Block)
RTE RadioCian î C’obh‡in
BBC Radio UlsterRigsy
BBC Radio UlsterPaul Hamill
BBC Radio UlsterPaul McClean
BBC Radio UlsterStuart Bailie
Gaudemas FMJames Barrie (BBE/Audio Texture)
Kab Driver - Big Sur EPWotNot (UK)Digi'2016All tracksWriting & production
Unexplained Sounds Survey 016Unexplained Sounds GroupDigi'2016VoxycWriting & production
David Baxter - Contour EPSelf Released (BC)Digi'2016All tracksWriting & production
Kab Driver - Reach EPWotNot (UK)Digi'2014All tracksWriting & production
Ken & Ryu – Get Metric EPCoja Records (UK)12” & Digi'2013Get MetricRemix
Kab Driver – Hank BewlingtonReset Industries (NI)Digi'2013All tracksWriting & production
The Host - The HostPlanet-Mu (UK)12” & Digi' LP2012Summer Solstice at Cape CanaveralCo-writing
Kab Driver – Kab Driver LPAirflex Labs (FRA)Digi'2012All tracksWriting & production
Deadman's Ghost - Broken ZoetropeUmor Rex (MEX)12” EP2012All tracksProduction
Silent Dust –RemixesNone60 (UK)Digi'2011Levitation ThemeRemix
Boxcutter - The DissolvePlanet-Mu (UK)12” & Digi' LP2011Little Smokeco writing & production
ASIWYFA – Search.Party.AnimalRichter Collective (IRE)10”2011B sideRemix
Boxcutter & Kab Driver - Moon PupilsKinnego Records (UK)12” & Digi' EP20102 timeco writing & production
NI electronic promoFFWD (UK)CD V/A & mix2010The soup, Garcon & Astral Braveneckwriting & production
Deadman's Ghost - Cerebral FrontierUmor Rex (MEX)Digi' EP2010All tracksProduction
Boxcutter - Arecibo MessagePlanet-Mu (UK)12”, CD & Digi' LP2009Old school astronomy & A familiar soundco writing & production
Boxcutter & Kinnego Flux - A familiar soundKinnego Records (UK)12” Single2009A Familiar sound & instrumentalco writing & production
Filaria - Spare PartAcroplane (UK)Digi' LP2009All trackswriting & production
Vertical 67 - Reflect remixesAcroplane (UK)Digi' LP2009AurisRemix
Space Dimension Controller - UFOAcroplane (UK)Digi' LP2009Galactic EffectorRemix
DropsUmbrelladelika (BE)CD Compilation2009Spare Part (nothing left)writing & production
V/A 02Acroplane (UK)Digi' Compilation2009Lurghan Park 99writing & production
Netaudio 2009Acroplane (UK)Digi' Compilation2009Between the Lineswriting & production
Filaria - Bruce Lee PerrySuburban Trash (GER)12” EP2008All trackswriting & production
Filaria - Bam BamAcroplane (UK)Digi' LP2008All trackswriting & production
Monographic 7INQ Mag (SPA)Digi' Compilation2008Electro Nikwriting & production
Boxcutter - GlyphicPlanet-Mu (UK)12”, CD & MP3 LP2007Glyphicsaxophone
V/A 01Acroplane (UK)Digi' Compilation2007Electro Nikwriting & production
DisambiguationAcroplane (UK)Digi' Compilation2007Rave Pleasewriting & production
Filaria - Dib Dab DubBug Klinik (BE)12” EP2006All trackswriting & production
Filaria - Beat NeggAcroplane (UK)Digi' EP2005All trackswriting & production